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About Panama

Panama has first-world infrastructure, and Panama City is considered the most developed and metropolitan city in the region.

Panama has a US style capital city with high speed Internet, first rate hotels and restaurants and shopping almost on a par with the United States. The highway infrastructure, medical care, telecommunications and business services are excellent in comparison to the USA.

Panama has a great variety of attractions all in close proximity.

Exotic tropical rain forests, beautiful mountain refuges, Caribbean beaches, seven living Indigenous cultures, a Miami style capital city, colonial historical sites, world class surfing, wind surfing, kite surfing, fishing, diving, rafting, and of course the 8th wonder of the world and engineering marvel- The Panama Canal.

Panama is safe.

Panama has the highest rating for tourist safety from the prestigious Pinkerton Intelligence Agency. In addition, as noted in the newsletter of the AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) Panama has a first-world infrastructure, business services, medicare and telecommunications.

Panama is safe from natural disasters.

Panama is blessed by nature-unlike the rest of her Central American neighbors, Panama has no hurricanes-amazingly it's in a special climate area that is totally hurricane-proof. It also has no major earthquakes. Your Panama vacation will never be re-scheduled due to natural events and your property investment will always be safe from hurricanes and earthquakes.

Panama is tourist friendly.

The infrastructure is first-world, including excellent roads, a sophisticated business sector, and the second largest Free Trade Zone in the world. Panama is one of the world's best tax and asset protection havens, and it also offers several options for tax-advantaged residency. Panama enjoys an impressive financial infrastructure with over 80 banks, including many local branches of global banks such as HSBC, Barclays and Dresdener. It also has a stable, democratically elected government; established asset protection laws dating back almost a century; legal entities including trusts, international business corporations (IBC's) and family foundations; tax free investment for foreignersóall protected by statutory financial privacy and banking laws. Panama also offers an attractive pension residency plan for foreigners seeking to retire in a tropical environment where living is easy and costs are low.

Panama is a great location for adventure.

International experts rave about the river rafting in Panama, which also includes kayaking and motorized river boats. There are rivers in Panama where you can ride twenty sets of rapids in one afternoon. Canyoning, trekking, rappelling and surfing offer similar world-class experiences for the hard and soft adventurer.

Panama has the US dollar as its currency.

Panama's currency is the US dollar. That's right- in Panama one of travelings major hassles is eliminated. There is no need for currency exchange because the US dollar is the currency.

Panama has a wide selection of beaches and island venues and activities.

With two coasts, one thousand islands and Caribbean-style beaches, there is much to choose from; beach vacations from the all-inclusive resorts to exotic island retreats.

Panama is an affordable exotic destination.

Normally this kind of pristine natural beauty comes at a fancy price. Panama has just begun promoting tourism, creating a new, cheaper alternative to its neighbor Costa Rica.

Panama is one of the best places for nature travel, and Eco-adventure today.

It's position as a narrow land bridge connecting two continents has endowed it with some of the worlds' most pristine and bio-diverse rain forests and national parks covering 5 million acres. A key indicator of its bio-diversity: Panama has 944 recorded bird species, more than the U.S. and Canada combined. Furthermore, all this bio-diversity is very accessible, with some of the best locations less than an hour from Panama City. An interesting fact: 15 acres of land On the Island of Baro Colarado in Gatun Lake contains more species of trees than all of Europe combined.

Panama has world class fishing, diving, snorkeling, surfing and sailing.

One place in Panama, Piñas Bay, holds 170 world fishing records. There are five world class diving areas: Coiba National Marine Park, the Pearl Islands, Bocas del Toro archipelago, Portobello and for historical diving the Panama Canal. Panama has two oceans with 2,400km of warm uncrowded surfing.

Panama City is the new choice for convention and incentive travel.

Panama City is a sophisticated and safe city with fascinating and fun things to do nearby. Day trips from Panama City include world-class sport fishing, rain forest adventures, Indian village tours, scuba diving, fascinating historical sites and the Panama Canal.

Panama is Survivor Country

The CBS Survivor series for Fall 2003 and Winter 2004 took place in Panama's Pearl Islands. In fact the exotic, nature-rich islands of Panama have been home to two seasons of survivor.


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