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Panama is still one of the undiscovered Central American Surfing paradises. Here in Panama you can still find warm water, and practically un-ridden world class surf spots anywhere in this tropica paradise. Forget about your wetsuit, great whites, crowds or disappointing flat seasons, Panama has surfing almost all year round! With this informative web page and our help you can become one of the few to experience the ultimate world class surfing destination in one of our surf expeditions! Whether you are experienced or inexperienced we are 100% sure that we can help any surfer or body boarder find exactly what they are looking for.

The Republic of Panama is in between Costar Rica and Colombia with a coastline of 2,490 km of pure surf. Panama has the shape of a horizontal "S" which is the first letter for "SWELL" meaning that we can take any "SWELL" direction all year round! Up north our coastline borders the Caribbean Sea and the North Pacific on the Southern coast of our Isthmus at only 1hr from each other. Unlike Costa Rica, Panama has not been exploited and that's what makes the difference. We want you to experience the Panamanian treasure before it is too late.

The Republic of Panama also has excellent communications systems so you can always keep in touch with your family and friends. It is also the safest place in Central America. Panama's hospitals are of the best in Central America, so in case you get injured (hopefully not) we guarantee you to be treated by some of the best health care professionals.

As natives from Panama and years of surfing experience in this Republic, we have attained the knowledge of the best time to surf, best tides, winds, swell directions and ways to travel in comfort to these surf spots. We are located in the Republic of Panama with years working in the surf tour field for other tour agencies, dedicated to making our clients feel comfortable riding to the beach. There are no worries concerning car rentals, transfers from the International Airport, Hotel accommodations in Panama City, directions to these isolated undeveloped surfing paradises, lodging at the surf spots, surfboard rentals, National Airfare tickets and reservations, Boat Tours / Rides, where to eat and access any other activity you might want to experience on this surfing destination. Our tour guides are all very friendly experienced bilingual surfers that are here to make you feel comfortable on the ultimate vacation! Aside from choosing any of our packages we provide customized itineraries for those surfers that might want to try other activities. All you have to do is Contact Us and let us know what your vacation plans are.

Our itineraries are very personable and flexible; all you must do is define how many days, locations and tour members as you want from the chart (chart). Just add it up to the online form and we will shoot you back as soon as possible.


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