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Chiriqui Islas

The province of Chiriqui has several islands in the Pacific that have really good surf. These islands are very remote and we offer to take you to this great surf and fishing destination. There is also excellent fishing in this area, and there is one particular spot in the area called "Hannibal Bank" that is world famous for catching marlin and sail fish. Most of the big fishing charter yachts in Central America go there to fish. The surf breaks are relatively unexplored, but here we will mention some of those that are known and offered by us.

Isla de Coiba has a number of surf spots, but most are un-surfed, and very difficult to find or get to even if you are on a boat. The island is gigantic, and only the south west side has surf.

Isla Montuosa is a small island on the opposite side of Hannibal Bank from Coiba. It has a good right rock bottom point with solid waves, and very consistent. It can get up to 25 feet faces on big swells and catches just about any swell, so it is rarely under 6 ft.

Isla Silva de Afuera has two breaks, one left and one right. The right is a big peak breaking over a shallow rock ledge at medium tide, and can throw a big tube, with steep drops and not much of a wall. A very short ride. The other break is a pretty good left that breaks over a rock reef at medium tide. The left has longer rides than the right, but it has a section in the middle that is very difficult to get around and the rocks on the inside are killer, so be careful. This spot catches almost any swell, and it is normally at least 4 ft.

Isla Silva de Adentro is another small island further inland from Isla Silva de Afuera, which has a right hand break over rock reef that can get really good if there is a good swell. It has a nice long ride with good tubes and lots of power.

Morro Negrito is located on the mainland, but to get there you must travel by land and boat. The surf can get good at Morro Negrito if there is a swell. It has about 5 breaks. The main break is located directly in front of the town of Morro Negrito, which is a left point break over rock bottom. It has another outer left point about 300 yards up the coast that also breaks over rock bottom, and has good tubes. On the other side, there is a beach break with rights and lefts. Then on the other side of the point, there is a river mouth sand bottom break that gets good lefts and rights when there is swell.

Our Package Includes
  • Private transportation from International Airport to Panama City Hotel accommodations in Panama City if you arrive late (economy, standard, luxury).
  • Private Transportation at all times in Panama City.
  • Private tour guide (bilingual experienced surfer).
  • Private Transportation to Chiriqui.
  • Lodging at on sailboat or at a lodge.
  • Access to the World Class Surf spots mentioned above.
  • Transportation with tour guide in Panama City.
  • Hotel accommodations in Panama City if you leave early (economy, standard, luxury).
  • Private transportation to the International Airport from Panama City on your last day.
  • Three meals a day per person are included while in the Sailboat. Food is not included outside the Sailboat.
You can also access this tour from Santa Catalina and Other spots such as Pavones, Punta Burica or any other spot on sight are accessible in this package if time allows.

Panama Private Tours accommodates our tour members in an 80ft sail boat. We recommend our tour members to gather at least a group of 5 to 8 people for reasonable personal fees otherwise a single or double group would be subjected to higher rates.

Day 1 Group arrives the Rep of Panama. If you arrive late accommodations will be held in Panama City to depart next morning.
Day 2 Group gets transported to Santa Catalina to set up on the sail boat and depart.
Day 3 Group enjoys private surf around the Panamanian Islands mentioned above with 3 meals included. Note that fishing and diving are also options in case of interest.
Day 4 Group enjoys private surf around the Panamanian Islands mentioned above with 3 meals included. Note that fishing and diving are also options in case of interest.
Day 5 Group departs from Catalina at the time of convenience depending on the time or date of departure from the Republic of Panama.
Fees (4 Nights & 5 Days)
5 Persons USD 700.00 Book Me
6 Persons USD 600.00 Book Me
7 Persons USD 550.00 Book Me
8 Persons USD 485.00 Book Me
Prices are per person.
Additional nights can be added once you let us know within your inquiry.

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