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The North East Atlantic Coast of the Republic of Panama is 90 minutes from Panama City by land. The most developed area for this region is Colon City which has the famous Free Trade Zone (2nd largest trade zone after Hong Kong), the Canal Zone (Atlantic) and retired US military bases. The majority of people who live around this coast are native Afro American's who are well know for their traditions including the "CONGO".

Apart from the great advantages and history this area has to offer; along this coast you will be able to experience the culture and beauty of the pure, dense nature as well as the most challenging swells. This is due to the fact that most of the swells this region receives are from the NE of the Atlantic Ocean. The most consistent swells for this region are from December through March and inconsistent clean swells from June to July. Surf population in this region is 0% and tides only fluctuate from 1ft to 4ft meaning you can surf these spots as long as you want and without crowds!

In the North-East Atlantic side (COLON CITY) PPT takes you to any of the surf spots listed in our chart, meaning there will be access to all the spots mentioned about this area depending on the amount of days you would like to stay with us. All that needs to be done is for you to choose how many days you are interested in staying with us, the destinations, amount of tour members and we will make your surf trip happen.

Surf Spots


Panama Private Tours takes you to this very hollow perfect right with sharp shallow reef at only 90 minutes from Panama City. This break is located inside an old US military base near the Panama Canal (Atlantic Side) with other interesting things to see such as its old Spanish fort San Lorenzo and dense rain forest. This area is currently a small naval center for the Panamanian Police Force. Booties are a must and only recommended for experienced surfers. V-Land breaks during our dry season (December-March). V-land's best month is during the Veranillo de San Juan in July-August. The "Veranillo de San Juan" is a short dry season in between July-August that blows strait offshore winds and swell to this region. There are no locals or crowds around this area.

María Chiquita

Maria Chiquita is a beach break with various peaks that move around through the sets. This break is 90 minutes from Panama City on the way to Isla Grande. It is good for beginners or surfers who like to surf with small short boards. There are no locals or crowds around this area.

San Marino

PicturePanama Private Tours takes you to a perfect, long, hollow, shallow left point break 90 minutes from Panama City. This break is located inside a private complex. It only breaks during the months of December and January when Panama is in the process of changing from rainy to dry season, it's when the NW and N swells from the Atlantic Ocean hit the region. This spot is very inconsistent but if you choose a tour to Isla Grande around the months of December-January, it is not a bad idea to let us take you to check it out. There are no crowds or locals around this area.


At 2 hrs from Panama City, Panama Private Tours takes you to Cacique near Isla Grande. This surf spot breaks left on a not too shallow reef bordering a small Island close to the main land. It is not as good as Isla Grande but on certain weekends when Isla Grande might get some crowds, it's the option for the few surfers that know about this spot. The biggest crowd you can expect here is 5 people on a very crowded summer day at Isla Grande.

Isla Grande

PictureAt 2 hours from Panama City, Panama Private Tours takes you to Isla Grande. Isla Grande is the most famous spot in the NE region of the Atlantic Side of the Republic of Panama. This break is very fun due to its strong medium sized waves. It has 3 different peaks, 1 left peak, 1 left or right and 1 right peak all on crystal clear water where you can see the reef while you surf. This wave is recommended for intermediate to experienced surfers. Booties are an option for those who don't like walking on reefs. This spot might experience some crowds from the city surfers that visit on the weekends.


At 2hrs from Panama City, Panama Private Tours takes you to Playon. Playon is a strong beach break located at a 15min boat ride from Isla Grande. This break is full of nature, birds and other animals such as monkeys and macaws. It is recommended for those experienced surfers due to its strong rip tides and heavy lips. This surf spot breaks 2-3ft bigger than Isla Grande with no crowds guaranteed!


At 2 ½ hrs from Panama City, Panama Private Tours takes you Palenque. Palenque is a small town on the NE Atlantic bordering with San Blas. This is a beach break with moving peaks similar to Maria Chiquita, the big difference is swell direction.


At 2 ½ hrs from Panama City, Panama Private Tours takes you to Cuango. Cuango is a small town at 10 min from Palenque. This is also a beach break with more organized peaks bordering some reef points. You can surf hollow Lefts and Rights breaking on sand.

Boat Rides

Our boat rides around this region take you to Isla Grande, Turtles or Playon. These are short rides to get to the spots mentioned above, the longest is a 20 min ride on the clear blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

Eco Tours

Panama Private Tours offers you, at only an hour from Panama City, to experience our ecology at the Sierra Llorona Lodge near the surfing zone on the Atlantic NE. Tours can be given at a jungle lodge with comfortable accommodations in a private reserve of 200 hectares at a Panamanian tropical rain forest. A great place for birders, but also to anyone interested in tropical nature, adventure or just relaxation. Experience a day or two walking in this dense jungle, being able to see unique wild species of the tropics such as monkeys, birds and sometimes even small wild pigs.

Our Package Includes
  • Private transportation from International Airport to Panama City Hotel accommodations in Panama City if you arrive late (economy, standard, luxury).
  • Private Transportation at all times.
  • Private tour guide (bilingual experienced surfer).
  • Lodging at the tour location (economy, standard or luxury).
  • Access to the World Class Surf spots mentioned for the Atlantic North-East.
  • Specific Boat Rides across main land to the Isla Grande or Playon.
  • Hotel accommodations in Panama City if you leave early (economy, standard, luxury).
  • Private transportation to the International Airport from Panama City on your last day.
  • Food or soft drinks are not included.
All our packages are personal and flexible. Fees may vary depending on the amount of people, days and accommodations you choose. Other activities such as fishing, diving and Eco tours can be arranged once we receive your order.

Our accommodations are held on Isla Grande on every tour to the North-East (Atlantic) since it's the most developed touristy destination around the region and has waves right in front of your accommodation!

5 Days Economy Accommodations at Atlatic North-East

Our economy accommodations are held in a small cabin with fan and bathroom. This accommodation is basically for hard core surfers that just want to wake up and go surf. It is located inside the town of Isla Grande at a 2 min walk from the ocean where you can enjoy a drink, food, take a swim or snorkel before or after any surf session..

5 Days Standard Accommodations at Atlatic North-East

Our standard accommodations are held in a beach front two story house in main land owned by and American Lady who loves taking care of travelers like you. The house comes with private bathrooms, air conditioned rooms, cable TV, kitchen and a great view of the Atlantic Ocean. The surf spot is a 2-3 min boat ride or a 15 min paddle out on your board if you are the type of surfer that likes to warm up before a session.

Our other option is a private cabin overlooking the ocean and break. This is a small wooden cabin on the Island with very nice wooden deck overlooking the ocean, this way you will have a good perspective of your friends ripping this fun reef break. The cabin is fully ventilated since is on top of a hill, it has private bathroom and kitchen in case you want to cook your own meals which is what we recommend. This cabin can accommodate up to 4 comfortable surfers.

5 Days Luxury Accommodations at Atlatic North-East

PictureOur luxury accommodations are held at a beach front hotel right in front of the surf spot. This hotel has individual cabins overlooking the surf spot. It has a pool table, bar, swimming pool, restaurant and a deck that is at a few meters from a fun left that breaks in that surf spot. Rooms have private bathroom and can accommodate up to 4 surfers.


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